When the conscious listens to the unconscious is a project curated by Jelena Rundqvist in collaboration with Iaspis, concerning embedded knowledge within design and craft.

‘Geppetto the woodcarver carved a puppet out of a block of wood and his love for it made it come alive. Does the fairytale of Pinocchio contain any truth about design, not only figuratively but also literally? How do love, rhythm, relationships with objects and space, the physical body, spiritual value and unconscious intelligence influence the practice of design?
The concept of knowledge as it tends to be understood and used within academia can be limiting when applied to design and aesthetics. Wordless knowledge, intuitive processes and methods, the embedded knowledge within design practices, can be difficult to communicate in the current theoretical language. Increasing demands on theoretical analysis within the design field, together with hierarchies between theoretical and practical practice, might favour a design development accordingly to already existing intellectual concepts and definitions – thus missing out on important knowledge that could contribute to the understanding of design and how it affects us.
When the conscious listens to the unconscious is a series of explorative sessions that will bring together practitioners from the fields of design, craft and architecture and participants from outside the realm of aesthetics, such as neuroscientists and psychotherapists. The aim of the project is to assemble participants with different approaches to their work who share an interest in developing and expanding the understanding of design and aesthetics.’

– Jelena Rundqvist
On the 8th of November 2012, a first introduction of the project was held at Iaspis, followed by a research session at Brunnsvik Folk High School in Dalarna. A series of open sessions will follow in 2013.

Participants at the first session were: Josefin Arnell, fashion designer (SE), Christina Bodin Danielsson, architect and researcher (SE), Gemma Draper, jewellery designer (ES), Mònica Gaspar Mallol, curator and writer (CH), Ivana Králíková, ceramic artist (CZ), Tor Lindstrand, architect and Associate Professor, School of Architecture (SE), Andreas Nobel, interior designer and researcher (SE), Yuka Oyama, artist (DE), Julia Uddén, cognitive neuroscientist, Max Planck Institute of Psycholinguistics (SE).