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Beautiful Middlesbrough. The doors

Beautiful Middlesbrough. The doors

Is this Pub the place where the Bank was before?
Its doors remain there to prove it? Not. Not exactly.

Every working morning I walk along these doors in 42 Albert Road, in my way from the train station to our office at Teesside University. I’m not sure about the special alloy of bronze they are made off, but their patina, colour, and tactility have a magnetic effect on me. I find myself secretly greeting them, come rain or come shine, every time I pass by.

It took me a while to figure it out what were these great Greek signs and imaginery doing in the entrance of Bar cuda Pub (previously Barracuda Pub, before a letter fell down).

It happens that they were not always there, these doors. In a given moment they were the entrance to the Cleveland Club, in a different building. Someone, then, took the doors from one building to another. Why? How? I like to imagine the physical journey of these magnificent bronze objects through the streets of Middlesbrough. Now, of course, I would like to know more details. Was the 42, Albert Road building erected precisely to hold these doors? Like a tailor made case for a jewel?.

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