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To take a mirror for a walk. Displacements

I’m interested on keep exploring how objects might set its context’s conditions. To do so I decided to take our bathroom mirror outside the intimate space of the house. The mirror acts as an immediate interactive canvas, intense and indomitable in this plein air situation. It performs as a wild and overwhelming representation machine. I’m carrying a medium size mirror but feel like riding an untamed horse. If its materiality is already a body of given limitations and possibilities, how can I address any idea of displacement? Or, if there is a sense of completeness that wraps any object up, how to interact if not by transformative contamination or by destruction? Where is the “now” of an object to be found?   “Consider the use of things as analogous to the speech act within the linguistic system” Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life, 1980

Time Capsule for the new Campus Heart building

Thesaurus, 2015. Two brooches and a book Paper, ink, steel wire. For this special commission the focus has been to create a jewel that could communicate what is valuable for us. What could be more precious than the possibility of understanding and sharing our human experience through language? Thesaurus is the Greek word for treasure. These two brooches are physically made from the richness and the joy of the language: paper, ink, and meaning. Each ovals, a shape that is deeply rooted in the language of jewellery as one of the most traditional forms used for cameos and faceted stones, has been carved in the materiality of words to reveal and to celebrate both its simplicity and its complexity. What a light way of carrying so much! My approach to this search for what is worthy and can be shared as a common good has been kept intentionally simple in terms of materials and technical solution. A simple steel wire holds the shape and allows the work to be worn as a brooch. One of …