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KEEP! A project room


KEEP! A project room tries to question my own practice by placing  research materials in an open public space. My practice through jewellery deals with my interest in materials, craftsmanship, social meanings, and the value that we culturally attach to some objects. By creating an open working space I attempt to share with Teesside University students and staff a stage of the art/design process that is often kept more or less hidden in the studios.

In October 2013,  Janet Hinchliffe McCutcheon and I were appointed as Jewellers in Residence in the School of Arts and Media, with the support of the Renaissance Strategic Support Fund, granted by the Arts Council, to open a new permanent space at mima for its Contemporary Jewellery Collection and to enhance understanding of contemporary jewellery.

We have an active practice in the field and although we approach jewellery as an art expression from different perspectives, our common goal is to develop, communicate and promote jewellery as a powerful, meaningful and distinctive art activity. In June 2014 we were awarded a Teesside University research grant of £5000. Our project will document the creation of the mima International Jewellery Collection, 1975 – 1995.

The research will focus upon this 20 year period, which includes the lead up to and the start of the Collection, during which significant experimentation challenged older norms through new forms of jewellery. From now until September 2015 we will develop a series of public engagement projects for mima. These will include gallery talks on the mima International Jewellery Collection, commencing with the Collection opening weekend on 4th and 5th October 2015.

You can follow the development of all these activities at mima’s website: www.visitmima.com

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