En Construcción II


1-5  September 2015, Valparaíso, Chile

Workshops, Lectures and Group exhibitions

Guest Artists:

Celio Braga
Gemma Draper
Manuel Vilhena
Lisa Walker

Workshop proposal by Gemma Draper:
TRUST ME. To explore / Repositioning our jewellery practice through the concepts of Production, Value and Exchange Systems.

When we do our work, we define and position ourselves in society. We deal with situations and conditions that can be activated as possibilities or limitations. We belong to the group, choose to be active agents and our contribution transform it. This simple and complex fact does happens beyond our attention. The hybrid nature of jewellery as applied art in the sense that it is a work to be used, give the makers both a broad freedom and a lot of responsibility. The perception of jewellery as an individual or isolated activity is loaded with new options when we create in the light of artistic practices such the International Situationist, and other creative sharing/cooperative authorship strategies which critically review the concepts of Production, Value and Exchange systems.