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Mesmerizing reality or the aftermath of paying attention

How to describe the alertness grounds that a whole day of good working with students leaves in your perception system? You exit the class, you leave the people, the space, the objects, but you still carry the wide-awaken paying attention apparatus for a while. You can easily get captured at next street corner, unable to stop watching at the blinking lights, as if they were an unrequested but proper oracle.

INCITARE. To stand on, to stand for, to stand out

Four day workshop given to Master’s students from the HDK University, Göteborg, Sweden.   For a a few days we will unfold the question about how much we care about being faithful to our own work and the idea we have of it. How this loyalty is shaping our activity, our production and the beliefs we have on what pertains us and what is out of our reach. “We artists of to-day (…) we have to spend the best part of our lives in trying to get hold of some “style” which shall be natural to us, and too often fail in doing so; or perhaps oftener still, having acquired our “style” that is, our method of expression, become so enamoured of the means, that we forget the end, and find that we have nothing to express except our self-satisfaction in the possession of our very imperfect instrument; so that you will find clever and gifted men at the present day who are prepared to sustain as a theory, that art has no function but …