Month: February 2015

Mesmerizing reality or the aftermath of paying attention

How to describe the alertness grounds that a whole day of good working with students leaves in your perception system? You exit the class, you leave the people, the space, the objects, but you still carry the wide-awaken paying attention apparatus for a while. You can easily get captured at next street corner, unable to stop watching at the blinking lights, as if they were an unrequested but proper oracle.

Making at mima. Fabrication piece, first improvisation on the gallery space wall

Fabrication is a site-specific promenade collaboration between the 1st year dancers at Teesside University, lecturer Lorraine Smith and resident jeweller Gemma Draper. The initial inspiration for the performance piece came from the jewellery exhibition at MIMA gallery. The piece has been influenced by physical methods of making jewellery, mechanical processes, the act of being a tool and acted upon by a tool and the experience of wearing jewellery. The creation and rehearsal process has been taking place on-site at MIMA gallery, which at first was challenging due to working in the presence of the public. In time this has helped to build our confidence as performers, and developed our performance skills as a whole. In collaboration we have experienced working at a professional level with an established artist from a different art form and enjoyed engaging with a public and architectually interesting space.The process of choreographing as a large collective group has been challenging but rewarding. Creating the music, devising the piece and making costume choices have given us a wide range of new skills …

Beautiful Middlesbrough. To bite the gold

“I want to note something related here. If you ever come across a really old (e.g. ~2000 years old) coin, which appears to be made of gold – whatever you do – do not bite it. Biting is likely to dent such coin, and in the process will both devalue the coin (since the value is historic rather than the metal’s value) and damage an irreplaceable piece of history. Biting found gold coins is a real problem in areas with a long history of gold coin usage.”