Month: November 2014

What Matters? Exhibition at Goldfingers, Copenhagen

“These earrings originate in an intervention in two old English prints. The images show quite conventionally gendered scenes, where men and horses are displayed in an outdoor competition activity. The intervention in the images is a comment on some behavior and cultural codes. This intervention is made with materials and references to jewellery and embrodery work, in an intentionally femenine manner. The relation to the body is unfold in different stages. There are bodies represented in the prints, there is the body who was crafting the print, there is the body looking at the image, there is the wearer’s body. The wearer is provided with a choice: to wear the gold ring with or without the print attached to. This second option creates a quite uncomfortable or strange experience, of course. When the gold ring earrings are weared without the image, they are almost imperceptibles, only carring the weigth of the remembrance of the related image. The mental trace of a jewellery scene. What matters?” Gemma Draper November 2014  

Beautiful Middlesbrough. Real Gold

At the Centre Square, one of the bus stop glass walls glitters with the mood of the season. Here. Look at me. You are thirsty for real gold, aren’t you? The real gold thing is little more that the name, though. Straight Up. How do you turn the cinnamon flavoured drink in the temptation of pure glamour, the ultimate gesture of covering, lining your own human inside with real gold? How do you turn the pit, the miners, the toxic chemicals, the metal, the prices in the stock market, the dirt, in a buoyant dance of hypnotic golden specks? Drink me, whispers Jewellery.  

A Journey to Kashmir

A Journey To Kashmir. In collaboration with Michael Hall, coordinator of the Art and Design postgraduate studies, and Paul Grace, PhD candidate at the School of Arts and Media, we proposed a short project to Future Design master students with the aim to get them out of their studio/computer routine. We named it A Journey To Kashmir and asked students to explore a route on a journey to a place (Kashmir Foods in Middlesbrough) that is a locus of things that have arrived there from distant places. We asked them to return with their impressions from a three parts exercise journey: Leaving “Home”, Returning and Communicating, and to later develop these into a proposal, for a visual work that communicates their experience of the journey. In the video Sara, one of the master students, explains us the uses and rituals around of one of the sweet products we find in Kashmir Foods.