Month: October 2014

Beautiful Middlesbrough. The doors

Is this Pub the place where the Bank was before? Its doors remain there to prove it? Not. Not exactly. Every working morning I walk along these doors in 42 Albert Road, in my way from the train station to our office at Teesside University. I’m not sure about the special alloy of bronze they are made off, but their patina, colour, and tactility have a magnetic effect on me. I find myself secretly greeting them, come rain or come shine, every time I pass by. It took me a while to figure it out what were these great Greek signs and imaginery doing in the entrance of Bar cuda Pub (previously Barracuda Pub, before a letter fell down). It happens that they were not always there, these doors. In a given moment they were the entrance to the Cleveland Club, in a different building. Someone, then, took the doors from one building to another. Why? How? I like to imagine the physical journey of these magnificent bronze objects through the streets of Middlesbrough. Now, …

OBJECTS DEFINE US? Reading in the Office

The book, and my lunch box “The difficulty with such an apparently simple phrase as ‘objects define us’ is in defining what is, simply, an object.” First sentence of Detours of Objects from Antony Hudek. The Object. Documents of Contemporary Art, 2014. It is very tempting to keep adding…What is, simply, an us?…What is, simply, to define?. But much much much useful to keep reading, I guess.

An interview with Muriel Wilson

As a part of a series of interviews and conversations to gather testimonials and direct material to enhance our research project “Documenting the creation of the mima International Jewellery Collection 1975-1995”, we met Muriel Wilson, managing editor of Jewellery History Today magazine and one of the founding members of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery (ACJ). Some hours before the opening of the new permanent gallery space for the International Contemporary Jewellery Collection at mima, we had the joy to share her insights, her enthralling narrative and her capacity for bringing to the present relevant past moments in the most graceful way. She has built a private collection since 1991, when for her employers, the British Council, she prepared an exhibition of contemporary jewellery for world-wide touring. That is what she told us when we asked about her first encounter with jewellery: (Sorry, the ambience sound is quite intense, first learning outcome for future recordings!)

INCITARE. To stand on, to stand for, to stand out

Four day workshop given to Master’s students from the HDK University, Göteborg, Sweden.   For a a few days we will unfold the question about how much we care about being faithful to our own work and the idea we have of it. How this loyalty is shaping our activity, our production and the beliefs we have on what pertains us and what is out of our reach. “We artists of to-day (…) we have to spend the best part of our lives in trying to get hold of some “style” which shall be natural to us, and too often fail in doing so; or perhaps oftener still, having acquired our “style” that is, our method of expression, become so enamoured of the means, that we forget the end, and find that we have nothing to express except our self-satisfaction in the possession of our very imperfect instrument; so that you will find clever and gifted men at the present day who are prepared to sustain as a theory, that art has no function but …