Under that cloud

Under that cloud

This project arises from the proposal to the curator Jo Bloxham to create a work that speaks of our experience of being held in Mexico City due to the ash cloud that forced several European airports to close for a few days.

First-aid Easy Mantras for Air Passengers on Travel Disruption due to the Ash Cloud, 2010.

The first person who told us that a long dormant volcano in Iceland had resumed his expulsion of smoke and ash, a dense cloud that was forcing the closure of airports in Northern Europe seemed to us an inspired storyteller. A joker with a gift for telling stories. Our subtle system of certainties was still protecting us, keeping our planned agendas untouched. The surprise took a while to settle but then quickly penetrated, we were all soaked and the unforeseen event breached the planned course of things. The waiting and its elastic time.

My proposal is a series of brooches and pendants that have a role in helping to calm the mind through an immediate slogan, a catchy mantra. The formal resolution of these provisional jewels is easy on purpose. My intention is to recreate the possible emergency jewels we could have used those days under that cloud. Pieces that like emergency objects (survival cot, toiletry or food kits) are not meant to survive but to be available at a time of particular need and can then be discarded or stored.

Gemma Draper. December 2010