The Bearing Providers

A collection of paired pendants on the idea of being present and wearing a presence. The Bearing Providers, 2012


This series of work comes from a basic approach to the material, and the form appears by a simple process of taking off.
The making of these carved fragments involves attention and focus to something that is not so evident throughout the whole process. The construction of these lyric tridimensional hats by carefully mimicking the figurative order, bring us the unexpected extra, the confusing “other”. This something else that could enlighten us and show how to address it, is kept here just as the adornment of the ornament.
And because the whole situation is odd, it comes with the help of unstable humor, a provisional solution until we can read it better. Somehow the idea is that a presence can be uncomfortable because we don’t know how to relate to it. To solve this, we cover that presence with an undeterminate object and then we name it a jewel.