Strain’s rhetoric

A collection of brooches and pendants. Strain’s rhetoric, 2012


Some notes on used materials and techniques:
(copper, plastic, wood, horn, glass beads, silver, gold)

The shapes on plastic have been created using heat and pressure. Each piece is unique, no mold is involved. They are quite light pendants and adapt or imitate some body shapes while keeping they clear strange presence.

In the flat brooches I use the Japanese lacquer technique. The lacquer used is cashew lacquer. The process involves a number of thin coats that create the thickness over the plain wood sheet. Each piece follows the same procedure, but the result is again different and unique for each of them. The graphic result of this process is a mix of randomness and choices. The final result can be read as a flowery pattern, a light camouflage, a butterfly wing, and a repeated painted wall that is showing the fade of the coats. The way they are attached is inspired by the ID badges used in social events, fairs or conventions.

On the copper pieces I use braiding and weaving techniques. Each piece has a finishing patina that is different in every piece; some involve chemical products, some don’t. These pieces are a darker or shadowy side of this series subject.

Gemma Draper, Fall 2012