En Construcción I – Pantalla Abierta

En Construcción I, contemporary jewellery symposium Argentina-Chile. Buenos Aires, April 2012.

Alongside the workshops, lectures and exhibitions, there will be an audio-visual documentation space, which will be presented as an Open Screen where will coexist a number of different proposals as documentaries, video art and clips relating to contemporary jewellery.

Participants: BORAX 08001, Virginia Jakim y Analía Sirabonian, Mercedes Castro Corbat, Rita Bamidele Hampton, Julieta Grana, Marijke Schurink, Francisca Kweitel, Gemma Draper y Maite Uribarri.

I participated with: My life with and around. feb09

While working in apertura09 series of works, I tried to open the focus point of my formal research by taking a step back to gain some distance. In the most amateur way that you can imagine, I thought that I would record how would it be to have the objects that were in my working table pasted to my other life scenarios. How they would exist and interact when the framing context is not the bubble of my studio but these everyday life spaces. What they would tell about themselves. Which questions they would arise.
The final result is a raw patchwork of blurred moments. A research exercise on how, out of the white cube, the objects tend to create a context, and how this context will alter our perception of these objects by placing them in new potential interactions.