Collect rocks, Plant flag

Collect Rocks, Plants Flag

For some strange reason, you have never seen contemporary jewelry.
Or been close to it.
Don’t blame yourself: it’s a practice so confidential that it flirts with the invisible. It is the bastard child of craft, design, and art, and we are still unsure whether it will survive this complicated

Seven of Europe’s finest, with pedigrees to make their mothers proud, will soon be strutting their stuff around the corner from you. Please come: you’ll see things you’ve never seen before. The artists will be at hand to extemporise, some wine might be served.

– the curators


Collect Rocks, Plant Flag consists in touring a show of contemporary jewellery in cross-disciplinary venues, featuring the work of seven artists represented by the Klimt02 gallery (Barcelona). Part of the pieces will be selected from their latest work, the rest will be created especially for the show. Though most of their work is wearable, showing it in both fine art and applied arts venues will spotlight its uncertain status: this will be addressed with a scenography underlining the double lives of these semi-autonomous objects – on and off the body.

The show is curated by Klimt02 (Leo Caballero and Amador Bertomeu) with the support of Benjamin Lignel. It will be launched at gallery S O in England, and then tour France, Spain, and China.