WCC Abushan

Abushan – Grass to Gold – Dialogue for the 21st Century. Dehli, India.
World Crafts Council – International. February 2011

I’ll be exhibiting there some works from 2007 and 2008.

“He that makes, makes through materials”
It seems an obvious statement, useful and full of sense, and I cannot stop thinking about it. I don’t know where it leads, I can’t see which way it opens. As with almost everything so apparently evident, when taking a closer look, the block of senses loses consistency and wins some nuances.

“He that makes, makes in the materials”
I don’t believe that thinking in making from the duality of an active subject and a passive object of the action helps me to talk about my work.

“He that makes, makes the materials”
In one of the objects I submit, “E is for Fullness”, I’ve used two drawer pulls found on the door of a building full of debris in Queens, NY. We were walking with a friend, after having had lunch at a Greek restaurant while the afternoon turned into sunset. Curiosity led us to look at what was on the scrap-heap, which attracted our attention. In the remains of a crippled desk their handles were almost glowing. It was still evident, visible, that these pieces of wood had been used, fondled and claimed by the need of a hand. They were as worthy as precious. I reacted to that.

“He that makes, becomes material”
Making is a river. Making is a dance.

Gemma Draper. September 2010.