Lake Fortitude

A collection of brooches and pendants. Lake Fortitude, 2011
(On getting some advice from wild animals by Lake Fortitude)

(This work stems from the shyness to express some doubts; from the decision, later, to retain the possibility of those doubts; and finally, a bet to keep this exercise alive by the acceptance of partners.)

(Even if the immediate appearance of these works remains a wild assemblage of raw materials, the syntax of these conjectures is closer to the action of creating samples of a flow by slicing it)

(It is a speculative work, and materials are treated primarily to call to dialogue, without bringing any immediate relief.)

Gemma Draper, Winter 2011

“When we try to answer the eternal question of what we want -and only have we become who we are because we have desired-, traditionally we have two forms of escapism. We can flee to the doubt about what we want, or we can escape that doubt. These two forms of doubt, these two shelters, coexist in all of us and it is not always so easy to separate them. And while they can never be found in their purest forms, our way of life makes it clear that we tend to be escape artists of one or other kind.” Adam Phillips “Houdini’s Box”