EMBRACED Jewellery sites

12.02.2011 to 1.05.2011

Sara Borgegård (Swe), Celio Braga (NL, Bra), Liesbeth Bussche (Be), Lin Cheung (GB), Gemma Draper (Spa), Lauren Kalman (US), Kajsa Lindberg (Swe), Yuka Oyama (Ger), Karen Pontoppidan (Ger) och Miro Sazdic (Swe).
Curator Anders Ljungberg

Jewellery has a history that relates to personal narrative and to corporal experience. When the item is worn, this narrative appears within a framework constructed by the surrounding society. The exhibition Embraced – Jewellery Sites investigates this framework based on what can be described as jewellery’s own different rooms: in this instance defined as the bodily room, the architectonic room and the social room. All of the participating artists have something important to say about our contemporary situation with regard to one or more of these rooms.

I’ll be exhibiting there a collection of my Parties Under Bridges series of works from 2008.