The floating knot

A collection of necklaces, tiaras, earrings and brooches on the pleasure of being overwhemed by jewellery acting as jewellery. The floating knot, 2010
The floating knot & the nuptial suite or about the source of the new.

How intrusively meaningful can an object tend to be?

Having in mind the fact that I’m making objects willing to be used, enjoyed and worn for others, how softly wide, how open and how concretely unfinished can I turn an object without loosing the specificity of their qualities and its preciousness?

I once met a man that used to offer a little juggling show to the improvised beach audience to make some coins. That was long time ago but I can still remember his voice. He found an extremely effective way to keep our attention for the next exercise while crating a vivid expectation. It was just an over repeated sentence, but uttered in hypnotic intonation by his powerful voice. He shouted: …Aaaaaaaanother play!! and the possibility of the new, of the unknown, was invoked, and we took off to the next sketch.

I whish to explore the kind of objects that need the intervention of the wearer to be completed and to become ornaments for his/her body. The object asks to be defined by offering a bunch of uneven possibilities. You are invited to respond by activating your attention and bumping into strangeness and unexpected joy.

Gemma Draper, Summer 2010