Blossom Delivery

A collection of brooches on the enthralling moment when a sensuous presence is is at its intoxicated peak. Blossom Delivery, 2009

Flowers have been largely used as ornament for the body, for private houses, for public ritual places. You will find flowers as an exchange object in official commemorations, in the backstage of a social event, or in the simple joy. Flowers have been cultivated, cut, arranged and contemplated. Flowers have been used to convey emotions and to talk about Beauty.

Here, in this Blossom Delivery, the obstinate and dizzy focus point is the moment when a flower is in the ungraspable highest intensity. This rapture moment painfully coincides with the turning on decay. It is hard to know how much from the exceptional, brief, and irreversible fall in the decline, is this beauty taking in order to be more intense. Who can draw the line where the captivating smell becomes disgusting? When the gravity weight of the petal is not graceful anymore?

And then, can this moment be translated or made visible in our body? When attached to our body, can this lustful and heady beauty push us to a wake up memento mori?

Gemma Draper, Fall 2009