Cordial changes

A collection of brooches on the idea of healing cuts. Cordial changes, 2006  
Undressing the guests

The outer parts of the objects often give a wrong idea. True essence often flows by working in depth. Three-dimensional spaces offer this possibility, and to feel the layers of a natural material introduces the idea of change as an inevitable mate.

To heal and to fix are an under-line in Gemma Draper’s new pieces. A cut element cannot be read in the same way as it was before. Stone, horn and wood assume in these works their new condition, where a deficiency quality is now seen as a precious reason to be.

To assume nudity allows the possibility of hosting new ways of dialogue. In this case guests don’t replace or fill the missing elements, but fulfil them in new and unexpected ways.

Javier Moreno Frías, Winter 2006