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Workshop at LaGerminal

18th October 2013 (from 9:00/12:00 and 14:00/17:00)

Fee: 40€

For inscriptions, please, go here.


First a jewel needs to be produced; then there will be a body that will interact with it, evoking a series of reactions and feelings on the person itself and on the other. So, in its core structure, jewellery presents three agents: the maker, the user and the viewer.

In this workshop we will blend the roles of maker/user and focus on the relationship and opportunities of interaction between the user and the viewer, researching how does this relationship occurs and what are its potential possibilities.

In order to do so we will approach concepts and practices of contemporary art and we will have practical exercises derived from Aikido just as a fundamental preparation of the conscience about the interaction with the other.



Mirla Fernandes is Brazilian visual artist whose work has an emphasis on the body as subject, pursuing ways of promoting enhanced perception through out object-jewels. Some of these investigations have been done also through Aikido, a martial art she studies since 2004 and today also acts as an instructor.

Often using crossing procedures of varied medias such as jewellery, painting, drawing, photograph and engraving, she has been exhibiting her work in the international contemporary jewellery scene since 1998, being nominated for the Prince Claus Award in 2010.

Coordinating NOVAJOIA since 2006, she promotes exhibitions, workshops and lectures on art-jewellery, working along with Ornata, a Brazilian academic research group, and also with Otro Diseño Foundation.


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