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INCITARE- To weigh up, to drag, to shift.

Barcelona, 15-19 April 2013.

You know how you know when someone’s telling lies? They 
get their story right every time, down to the last word.

Whereas when they tell the truth it’s never the same twice. They

–Ciaran Carson, “The Shadow”


After being for a while totally absorbed at the construction of a universe, it’s worth to lift our eyes and let our mind to unfocus and to wonder around so that we can explore new meaning areas.

Leaving aside how extremely difficult it is to lie in matters of making and unmaking,

to reformulate our making seems an interesting task to spend a time on it.

For that matter, questioning around what we are working on, can lead us to a nourishing new situation. To use the experience of being out of our place might help us to get some unexpected prey on the matter that has monopolized our attention for so long.

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