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In February we start the Work Clinic group.

Participate in this activity might interest you if you recognize yourself in any of these situations:

  • You want to try something new that means a momentum for your creative development.
  • The project in which you’re working seems to be swamped, has become more of the same, or has lost focus. And you want to refresh your attention and your intention.
  • You need to take perspective on your work and review the place from where you approach your projects.
  • You feel that is a good time to reinforce your commitment and believe that a little external structure would suit you.
  • You think that to listen, to watch, to learn and to mingle with the ideas and processes of other active creators can be a stimulating for your career and a nourishing supplement for your creative baggage.
  • Feel like taking a time to deepen in the context of your work and how to respond to it. And you want to try sharing this exercise with other creators who have similar questions.
  • Thinking tempts you and you want a little extra workout that helps to build this thought up.
  • You think that when an idea is put on the table to be communicated and shared, you get an improved idea.

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